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About Noah:
Born: 8-10-98
Age: 7 years
Likes: reading, catching bugs, playing outside, riding his bike.
Dislikes: losing, being teased
Newest Things:
' Lost 2 teth in July!, Learned to rde bike without training wheels

About Jaidyn:
Born: 1-31-01
Age: 4 years
Likes: Catching Bugs, Playing Outside, Dora, Playing with Dolls Dislikes: most foods (unless its junk), not being able to do everything her brother does.
Newest Things:
Helping with Chase & Hailey, Takes showers by herself

Upcoming Things:
Noah's Bday
Noah's 1st Day School (8-11)
Jaid's 1st Day School (8-17)

2006-06-05 ~ 1:57 p.m.

End of school

Its been forever again, I know, but I am in the mood to update journals tody! lol

Noah finished the 2nd grade on the 24th (I think that was the date). That whole last week of school for him was lots of fun. He crossed over in cub scouts by getting his wolf patch. They are now working towards their bear patch and move up to being bears! woo hoo

We went to a friend of his's birthday party on Saturday. Cody is his friend from cub scouts and almost all the cub scouts were at the party and then we headed to a cub scout ice cream party thing. It was fun.

I cannot believe he will be a 3rd grader next year. Speaking of that, the poor boy starts the 3rd grade ON his 8th birthday! lol Poor kiddo.

Jaidyn is AWESOME. I mean just awesome. She did great in preschool. I cannot believe she will be in kindergarten in the fall!! Two full day school kids. wow.

She counts, adds, spells, etc all the time. She is very smart and picks up on things very easily.

She wants to play soccer and do dance in the fall so I am checking into dance and I already know both she and Noah will play soccer when its time. I have a feeling I will be super busy next year with dance, cub scouts and soccer for 2 kids, plus my little ones! yikes.

She is so girly. Always wants her hair fixed just perfect. The second to the last week of school she had a huge fit because her hair wsn't the way she wanted it at school. OMG. That was just crazy! lol

Anyway I will try and update a bit more often and with pictures soon okay?

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